This class allows accessing received and sent faxes, as well as sending new faxes.

Receiving a fax

When a fax is received on an account, it is automatically made available. You only need to GET Telephony/<id>/Fax to retrieve the list of faxes. Most recent faxes are returned first.

Sending a fax

In order to send a fax, you need to POST against Telephony/<id>/Fax. You need to provide either "upload" containing a PDF/JPG/etc file being uploaded, or "html" containing HTML to be transformed to PDF and sent by fax. When using html, you can also specify "Name" to include a descriptive name to be used when sending the fax.

When uploading an image or a PDF file, each page will be automatically resized and rotated to ensure it fits best during transmission.

HTML files can contain complex CSS and external images. Webkit engine will be used to render the HTML into PDF before sending as fax.

Once a fax entry has been created, you can access it to preview the fax to be sent, or call Telephony/Fax:send to perform the actual transmission. Note that once the fax is uploaded you have 24 hours to call send, or the data will be removed from the list.